Uniquely Qualified – Barcode Testing

Identification Labs -  A subsidiary of Bar Code Graphics which specializes in standards based certification and compliance of the physical identification individual items and logistical markings.  Uniquely Qualified Our involvement with barcodes and item identification resulted from our participation with the Uniform Code Council's technical committee for creating the printing specifications for UPC symbols in 1974. Since then we have emerged as both a leading service bureau for barcode artwork and preprinted tags/labels as well the top authority on barcode symbol quality.

Today we have an impressive client base of over 90,000 companies. Our customers range from the top worldwide retailers to small independent book publishers. In order to keep our customers up to date on the most current technology and specifications, we are actively involved with varying barcode technical committees for industries including Publishing, Printing, Retail, Healthcare, and Automotive. 

Early Leader in Bar Code Origination - Since the inception of the UPC, Bar Code Graphics has been a worldwide leader in barcode artwork. Before the digital age, barcode artwork took the form of precise analog film masters. In 2001, Bar Code Graphics reinvented the concept of barcode origination by creating the only online digital barcode service, and provides the most accurate resolution based barcode symbols available. In addition, our online application is the only program which has received GS1 Certification for graphic barcode files. 

Printing Experience - The BCG Labeling Service Bureau provides an array of specialized barcode printing services. Our intimate understanding of the equipment and printing material enables our analysts to offer actionable corrective actions to barcodes/labels which are not deemed compliant. 

Testing and Certification -We have become the largest unbiased testing center in North America for point of sale and logistical barcode symbol evaluations. Due to varying barcode compliance requirements, our testing department reviews over 20,000 barcode submissions each year. In addition, Bar Code Graphics administers POS and shipping label compliance for many of the top US retailers. Our award winning program offers retailers and manufacturers a process to enable their suppliers to be compliant to their requirements through education and substantiated validation of compliance infractions.

  • Identification Labs only utilizes certified GS1 ISO barcode verification equipment.  Daily calibration and quality control procedures to ensure consistency.
  • Unique cloud based web testing portal to communicate and archive comprehensive testing results. Customized portals are created for programs (i.e. http://cat.symboltest.com & http://stage.tradingpartner.info) Testing results are accompanied by specified corrective actions, when necessary Qualified barcode analysts to provide technical support.
  • Experience - Indentification Labs is the largest barcode testing facility in North America. 
  • Shenzhen, China Testing Facility - To satisfy the needs of companies with overseas import suppliers, we opened a dedicated barcode testing lab in China in 2011.