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Identification Labs is a subsidiary of Bar Code Graphics, Inc. and offers specialized services to enhance a profitable relationship between trading partners. Since barcodes have infiltrated almost every aspect of the supply chain, many of our services are geared toward maximizing barcode symbol print quality and efficient supply chain processing. Our standards based testing protocols adhere to GS1, ISO, HIBC, ANSI, and NIST guidelines.

Identification Labs

Our unique knowledge of barcode print quality has enabled us to become a leading 3rd party symbol evaluation center. The BCG Testing Center has a wide variety of certified barcode symbol testing equipment, which is calibrated daily to strict N.I.S.T. standards. Our services range from coupons / point-of-sale label analysis to logistical / retail compliance evaluation. We have tested barcode samples for over 50,000 retail, pharmaceutical, and automotive suppliers.

In 2011, our testing services expanded to RFID evaluations . Many retailers are beginning to mandate RFID tag on their high volume merchandise. Our RFID testing services include tag performance and data compliance. 

Trading Partner Compliance Programs

For companies that have existing barcode specifications for their vendors, we offer an array of services geared towards 100% compliance. Monitoring barcode print quality and educating vendors on specifications are paramount to a successful compliance program.

Certification Programs: Barcode and RFID

Certification is the foundation of any quality control program. Rather than waiting for a supply chain disruption to occur, proactive barcode testing enables suppliers to prevent compliance charges and damaged customer relations. Our testing center works with a variety of company-specific label specifications, providing vendors with detailed explanations of the problems and the information they need to solve them. All of our testing services are designed to enable vendors to fully comply with retail barcoding requirements. Identification Labs is the designated 3rd party barcode testing facility for a number of major retailers.

NEW! In response to the September 2013 FDA announcement, Bar Code Graphics is now providing comprehensive UDI barcode certification programs for both label and direct marked barcode identification. 

Supply Chain Compliance Administration

Identification Labs administers the barcode and labeling compliance programs for several major U.S. retailers. Our proactive compliance programs focus on preventing issues before they occur.
One of the key benefits of an IDL administered compliance program is neutrality. As an unbiased 3rd party, Identification Labs is able to resolve disputes in a satisfactory manner for both the vendor and the retailer, ensuring that vendor relations remain healthy and co-operative.

If you are interested in learning more about our Compliance Program model, please contact us at 800-662-0701 x777.

Trading Partner Compliance Portals

Through our involvement with the top US retailers and standards organizations, we offer customized compliance portals which combine timely communication of supply chain violations and digital supporting documentation. As supply chain disruptions occur for all types of compliance metrics, our program generates automatic e-mail alerts with digital images to support and enable suppliers to correct compliance infractions. 

Aside from immediate notification of compliance issues, our portals enable suppliers to self-research compliance violations online 24/7.  Please call 312-676-7650 for additional information.