Retailer Specific Testing Programs

Retailer Specific Web Testing Portals

Bar Code Graphics has been selected by some of the top US retailers to provide barcode certification to their supplier community. Even though these retailers utilize shipping label formats which are based on global GS1 standards, the differences in their supply chain requirements mandate that their label formats vary. Due to both technological limitations and process idiosynchrisies, it is very common for barcode dimensions and text requirements to be different for each retail partner.One critical aspect for all of our retailer testing programs is certification by “ship point”, since many large retail suppliers have a multitude of shipping locations. A certified ship point enables suppliers to illustrate to their retail trading partners their actual capabilities, and consequently offset expenses are reduced.

Retail Shipping Label Certification

The BCG Testing Center evaluates barcodes for all the retailers who have published shipping label guidelines. Suppliers commonly utilize our services when a change is introduced into their label production model or they are receiving offset expenses and can not ascertain the cause of infraction or validity. Due to varying types of retail supply chain programs, retailers commonly have multiple label formats addressing specific needs.
If you need GS1-128 label testing for a retailer other than what is listed above, please utilize the following form.