Standards Based Testing

Standards Based Testing

Bar Code Graphics is a GS1 Solution Partner and largest standards based testing facility for barcodes in North America. As an unbiased resource, our services are utilized by the leading retailers, including Kohls, Sports Authority, Stein Mart, JCPenney, Stage, True Value and Home Depot. The BCG Testing Center provides barcode print quality/application evaluations for POS, coupon, and logistic barcodes.

Trading partner requirements should reference the standards they are based on. For barcode requirements, this is typically the GS1 General Specifications. Retailers adapt these guidelines to meet their individual to their needs, but underlying their requirements should be some basis in standards. GS1 standards are the cornerstone for identification and barcode marking requirements for the top retailers. The Automobile industry and OEM market relies on AIAG standards for item identification and shipment marking.

The “ISO/IEC” barcode print quality standards have been adapted by every industry. These standards are used to evaluate how a barcode will perform against a global measuring scale. The GS1 standards follow the “ISO/IEC” print quality standards and also define the detailed parameters used for various scanning applications.

  • ISO/IEC 15416: Bar code print quality specification – Linear symbols
  • ISO/IEC 15415: Bar code print quality specification – 2D symbols
  • ISO/IEC 15419: Bar code print digital imaging and printing performance testing
  • ISO/IEC 15421: Bar code master test specifications
  • ISO/IEC 15426-1: Bar code verifier conformance specifications – Linear symbols
  • ISO/IEC 15426-2: Bar code verifier conformance specifications – 2D symbols
  • ISO/IEC 19782: Effects of gloss and low substrate opacity on reading bar code symbols
  • ISO/IEC 15420: Bar code symbology specification – EAN/UPC
  • ISO/IEC 15417: Bar code symbology specification – Code 128
  • ISO/IEC 15438: Bar code symbology specification – PDF417
  • ISO/IEC 16022: Bar code symbology specification – DataMatrix
  • ISO/IEC 16390: Bar code symbology specification – Interleaved 2 of 5
  • ISO/IEC 24724: Bar code symbology specification – GS1Databar
  • ISO/IEC 18046: Radio frequency identification device performance test methods
  • ISO/IEC 15961: Radio frequency identification (RFID) for item management – Data protocol

Recognizing the importance of standardizing the evaluation process and to insure consistent communication of print quality assessment, GS1 created certification processes for barcode verification equipment. Without this certification, there is no assurance the barcode verification device can adequately convey correct print quality grades.

The testing environment in the BCG Testing laboratory adheres to all the relevant guidelines set for by the global standards for measuring barcode print quality. Only GS1 approved verification equipment is used for analysis and all testing devices are calibrated daily to NIST traceable calibration codes. Bar Code Graphics is also proud to have three certified GS1 barcode consultants was part of our testing team.